MADE Story Telling Hour(s) – June 2018 – Fresh Perspective

The MADE Story Telling Hour(s) is a monthly story telling event with a guest curator, featured speakers and open mic.

This month’s theme is Fresh Perspective;
How art chose us and how we hope to impact the arts as a whole. Guest curated by Rachel Salzman AKA Moze has selected featured speakers that will focus on sharing their experiences with the arts, the challenges and success and how they hope to shape the future of art.

Join us for this special event

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How I Made It – a Show and Tell event series

How I MADE It is a Show & Tell Event Series every 2nd Friday, monthly at MADE by Millworks. This month will be hosted by Dunnaree Mullins.

Our bar will be open, beer and wine will be available.

Following the featured presenters, you are invited to share your story of how YOU made it in a 5-minute slot.

How I MADE It is open to interpretation. How I MADE … a product, poem, story, or song, or even through a tough trial, a divorce, giving birth, being a single parent, grad school, traveling alone, a marathon or becoming what you dreamed. Stories can be told through poems, songs, and other creative means.