MADE Story Telling Hour(s) April

If you like The Moth, Snap Judgment, This American Life and other story telling show and events or just love a good autobiographical story … Join us on April 20!!! We have a guest curator each month, featured speakers AND open mic story telling at the end. This event is always free to attend, open to the public to all ages. We also have a bar open for your imbibing pleasures.

This month’s story telling event is guest curated by
Steven Deeble – The theme is ‘Food and Community’.

“I wanted to explore different perspectives on the relationship. Each of the speakers represents a different aspect – from the cultivation of food by-and-for the community and the challenges of running a community garden, to the preparing of meals shared by groups, where food from different cultures might be combined in new ways, to the way a community forms around a coffee house and how that presence can affect the evolution of that community.”
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the MADE Story Telling Hour(s)

If you like The Moth, This American Life, Snap Judgement, Serial …or just love authentic storytelling, this is the place for you. Always free to attend, always an open mic story telling slot at the end for you to tell one of your stories and always a full bar … to get you loosened up and hydrated. Table seating and standing room. All ages.

Join us on March 16th from 7 to 9 pm.
March’s event is guest curated by Matthew C. Torres and the Long Beach Coffee Club

Curated by and Featured Speaker:
Matthew C. Torres founded and runs the Long Beach Coffee Club which has over 375 members. He’s passionate about all things community, culture, and coffee. Matthew strives to create a space that coffee consumers can hangout, learn, and discuss coffee. He’s traveled around the world in search of how coffee and culture intersect. He’s been interviewed by the Long Beach Post, Gazette, and Long Beach Business Journal. He’s a Marketer by trade that graduated from the University of Arizona. He proudly calls himself a Long Beacher that cares deeply about its community. Connect with Matthew around the internet Matthew C Torres

Featured Speakers:
Jamaica Yancy is the founder of Black Long Beach and the Black Everywhere Collective. In 2017 Jamaica was a recipient of the Downtown Long Beach Small Business & Job Creation Grant. Jamaica utilizes her background in strategic marketing and branding to drive community activism. Jamaica’s advocacy work has been highlighted in the Long Beach Press Telegram, Madame Noire, and Philadelphia Neighborhoods among other media outlets. She currently serves as a co-chair of the Long Beach Small Business Diversity Alliance, provide aspiring entrepreneurs with access to free educational workshop. Jamaica enjoys biking, playing tennis, and sharing meals with friends, but don’t even bother asking for any of her Ben & Jerry’s peach cobbler ice cream.

Jessie Artigue is a style expert & on-air host with nearly 10 years of experience in the fashion, beauty & lifestyle industries. She’s also the creator of Season Everyday — An ethically-made silk dress that can be worn as multiple garments! Jessie also mentors and speaks to women all over the world about how to embrace their identity and design a flavorful life. She’s a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and loves brainstorming about business and digital media, but is currently most excited about the award-winning podcast (called Marriage is Funny!) that she produces + co-hosts with her mostly-hilarious husband.

Christy Krumm Richard is a writing coach and author of the book SHOT: A Couple, a Country, and the Stubborn Quest for Hope. She is fascinated by the way that stories shape our culture and is passionate about helping writers and business owners get focused and clear on what their message is and why the world needs to hear it. She has taught academic writing classes at UC Irvine, Cal State Long Beach, and Golden West College. Her work has been featured in online outlets, such as Woman’s Day, RELEVANT Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, YourTango, and others.

Johanna Tropiano, Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Mend Project, has spent the last eight years working with International Justice Mission and other organizations on justice related human rights issues, such as human trafficking, violence towards women and children, and police brutality. She is a survivor of domestic violence and Double Abuse from friends, family members, and church leaders who refused to believe her cries for help and emboldened her Alleged Perpetrator. As a result, Johanna is a passionate advocate for those who have no voice. Her work has been published in multiple media outlets, including The Huffington Post, Darling Magazine, The Girl Who Knows, The Yellow Conference, Holl and Lane, and others. In 2016, she co-founded the The MEND Project with Annette Oltmans.

Ironworker by day and garage coffee roaster by night, Anthony Coppa is a skilled craftsman and artisan, passionate about community, coffee and creating. In 2015, Anthony hand-crafted his first coffee roaster, beginning his journey as a home roaster. He and his wife Brit founded Coppa Coffee and enjoy serving their community with speciality coffee. Anthony co-leads the Long Beach Coffee Club and is the expert home roaster in the Club. He leads Long Beach Coffee Clubs home roasting workshops.

FREE 2 hour parking is available in the parking structure on 3rd street, just before Pine Ave.

How I MADE It – Story Telling Event – August 11th

How I MADE It is a story telling event, 2nd Fridays, monthly at MADE by Millworks, FREE and all ages

Curated by Melanie Riecke Hiller / Tale Spin Podcast
Melanie Hiller is a teacher, writer and lover of Long Beach. She produces a storytelling podcast called Tale Spin that highlights local storytellers, musicians and poets.

Serious Long Beach – the new duo of Dave Serious (no relation to Yahoo) and Long Beach Huntington joined forces this year to showcase and blend the peculiarities of their individual approaches to song craft.

Rachel Hillberg is a designer, maker and teller of tales who once wanted nothing more than to be Nancy Drew when she grew up. She makes miniature secret messages and vintage mystery themed art.

Doyle Smiens is a transplant to Long Beach and love living here. He enjoys being on stage and it currently working on his one man show called “The Truth Be Told”

Odie Hawkins has been given the title, “The Underground Master”, by a loyal constituency who have followed his career through his twenty four novels, short story collections, essays, television scripts, radio and film scripts. He takes pride in being the originator of the Pan-African Occult genre, as exemplified by “The Snake” and “Shackles Across Time”.

Jeremy Schott is the owner of The Dark Art Emporium on 3rd and Elm in Downtown Long Beach. Formerly, a freelance filmmaker/documentarian for Heavy Metal Bands and Professional Wrestling.

From the depths of hell she has risen… to write children’s books that aren’t for children. Ladies and germs… the one and only, felacio loving Tahlullah Banks the bearded oyster

6:00pm – Live Music by Serious Long Beach
7:00pm – featured story tellers
8:30pm – open mic story telling

Cash bar serving beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages

Following the featured presenters, you are invited to share your story of how YOU made it in a 5-minute slot.

How I MADE It is open to interpretation. How I MADE … a product, poem, story, or song, or even through a tough trial, a divorce, giving birth, being a single parent, grad school, traveling alone, a marathon or becoming what you dreamed. Stories can be told through poems, songs, and other creative means.

This event will be recorded and made available publicly.

How I Made It – a Show and Tell event series

How I MADE It is a Show & Tell Event Series every 2nd Friday, monthly at MADE by Millworks. This month will be hosted by Dunnaree Mullins.

Our bar will be open, beer and wine will be available.

Following the featured presenters, you are invited to share your story of how YOU made it in a 5-minute slot.

How I MADE It is open to interpretation. How I MADE … a product, poem, story, or song, or even through a tough trial, a divorce, giving birth, being a single parent, grad school, traveling alone, a marathon or becoming what you dreamed. Stories can be told through poems, songs, and other creative means.