The MADE Story Telling Hour(s) – May “Resiliency”

The MADE Story Telling Hour(s) is a monthly story telling event with guest curators and featured speakers – speaking on a chosen theme.

This month’s theme is “Resiliency”

Resiliency is often the cornerstone of queer and trans identity. From surviving taunts in the schoolyard to threats in the streets, LGBTQ people have used creativity, camp, and exceptional acumen to thrive in the face of adversity. Our storytellers will be focused on the idea of “Resiliency,” the capacity to recover quickly in the face of difficulty. This storytelling event will give everyone the opportunity to learn something new about the (will)power of our local queer and trans community.

Co-Curators and EmCee’s:

— Porter Gilberg, Executive Director for The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach
The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach engages, empowers, and advocates to achieve a more equitable society and fosters an ever-improving quality of life for the LGBTQ community. Serving more than 25,000 people a year, The Center provides an array of health, wellness, cultural, and advocacy programs for the LGBTQ community in Long Beach.

— Rhonda Schultz, Development Director for Mental Health America of Los Angeles
Mental Health America of Los Angeles is a Long Beach-based mental health non-profit organization. We innovate and deliver revolutionary approaches to mental health care; create and advance life-changing legislation to improve resources in our state; establish non-profit organizations dedicated to filling gaps in care across the county; and implement effective training programs that educate the mental health workforce of tomorrow.

Featured Speakers:

Jordan Held, MHA Board of DIrectors
Jordan Held MSL, MSW Candidate ‘18 is a Clinical Psychotherapist intern at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in the Center for Trans Youth Health and Development and a Social Welfare graduate student at UCLA. Jordan is a facilitator at the monthly Transforming Family support group, a safe space for trans/non-binary/GNC young people and their families. A proud queer identified, transgender man, Jordan focuses his mental health professional practice on creating a safe, trauma informed and affirming space for his clients. Jordan has extensive experience teaching, coaching and working with youth and young adults, developing inclusive health and wellness curricula, specific to diversity and inclusion, leadership education and gender violence prevention.

Giovanna Martinez is The Center’s Domestic Violence Services Manager, a field she has over fifteen years of experience working in. She and her wife share one beautiful daughter.

Joel Gemino is The Center’s Youth Services Manager and he has worked with youth for over a decade. He lives in Long Beach and loves both dinosaurs and Buffy.

More speakers still being added … check back 🙂

Featuring seating and cash bar.