Business Casual Vol 3. - Sweet Dreams, Priscilla EP Release

Business Casual Vol 3. - Sweet Dreams, Priscilla EP Release

WELCOME BACK to the THIRD installment of our bimonthly occurrence...

The Mission: We aim to create an event that draws together creatives from all over Long Beach across all disciplines and mediums. As artists, we constantly rely on our fellow creatives and supporters to achieve our goals. Through “Business Casual,” we intend to facilitate the nurturing of these connections as well as forming new bonds with yet unknown artists. Let's face it, we also just want to have fun!

At each event, Sweet Dreams Priscilla will be releasing an EP of new music that will only be available during this event. With the help of our featured artist and Dubtree, we will have a limited quantity of hand screen printed CDs available for a "pay what you want" price. Join us every other month for a whole different experience; new location, new bands, new artists, new tunes, same great time!

Business Casual Vol. 3
June 14, 2019 -- 7pm

Venue: Elinor
Bands: Sweet Dreams, Priscilla , Drunkard's Remorse, the Thingz, Big Slumber
Vendors: Dubtree, Old Gold Vintage Boutique,@handydandy_brandy
Projections: @videopoison

$5 Donation at the Door