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Eggplant Reunion Show w/ DJ Gary

Eggplant Reunion / 30th anniversary of 1st album “Monkeybars”.

D.J. Gary Tesch (Club Bad Trip, Funhouse, Duke Of Huntington) spins before and after.

The show will take place at Long Beach’s newest venue/bar Elinore, on Saturday November 2nd, 2019 at 51 E. 3rd St. Downtown Long Beach.

Doors open 7: pm. Eggplant’s downbeat is 8: pm.

Eggplant released two albums on Dr. Dream Records, (Monkeybars in 1989 and Sad Astrology in 1990). They toured the US & Canada, played SXSW twice, and were surprised by a short stint as indie / college radio sweethearts.

Eggplant enjoyed critical mention for their refusal to conform to genre, fashion or rock’n’roll trappings, while still being a solid and musically creative rock’n’roll band. What The Press said:

“It’s almost as if the group formed just to confuse listeners.”
– The Orange Independent

“Out of step, singular, unconcerned with fashion and cutting totally against the grain.”
- CMJ New Music Report

“Their debut album “Monkeybars” showcases a band that has the musical resources and varied tastes to escape easy definition. Eggplant’s recipe book includes ripping 60’s style garage rock and psychedelia, delicate, folkish balladry, country twang and art-rock atmospherics.”
- Mike Boehm - LA Times

“A refreshing disdain for the “serious” side of rock’n’roll runs throughout this album.”
- Rockpool

“Combining Pacific Northwest pop with a Feelies-filtered Velvet Underground fetish, Eggplant establishes themselves as fine purveyors of tasty guitar rock.”
- Mark Woodlief - Mean Street

The original Eggplant members: Jon Melkerson, Jeff Beals, Dave Tabone and John Kelly (J.K.) will all be there. They remain good friends over decades. Kids were raised. Jobs worked. Bands played in together and apart.

Jeff & Jon’s new band Rockford has been part of the So Cal Music Scene the last few years. Their debut album “Experiments In Electricity And Light” is totally fucking rad.

Eggplant look forward to seeing friends, fans and playing songs from Monkeybars and Sad Astrology that night.

The show will take place Saturday November 2nd at Long Beach’s newest venue/bar “Elinore”. It’s connected to “Made By Millworks”. It’s a creative, comfortable space with a mission to support the local arts community.

No cover fee. Paid parking nearby. 21 & up.

Doors open 7: pm.
Eggplant’s downbeat 8: pm.
Local D.J. Gary Tesch (Club Bad Trip, Funhouse, Duke Of Huntington) will spin before and after.

Elinor is located at 51 E. 3rd St. Downtown Long Beach between Pine & Prominade.

Note: Sometimes at old Eggplant shows an eight-foot-tall mythical creature (“The Bean”, who contorted in a way that was disturbingly similar to dancing) would join them on stage. Nobody knows where “The Bean” came from or went. After Eggplant broke up, sightings have been rarer than Sasquatch. The rumor is spreading that “The Bean” will come out of hiding for this show.
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