February 2 - St Brigid's Fire

February 2 - St Brigid's Fire

Join us after the big game to celebrate women on St Brigid's Day with live Celtic-Americana music by St Brigid's Fire.

St Brigid's Day honors barrier breaking women and marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

St Brigid's Fire - IG @Stbrigidsfire
Play feel-good, soulful, acoustic music with roots in Irish Americana, bluegrass, jazz, and the blues. Their name hails from an eternal flame in Kildare, Ireland. A tale of two famous fiery Brigids; both a goddess & a saint!

21+ Only

Elinor is located behind and attached to MADE by Millworks with alley entrance at 250 North Tribune Court in downtown Long Beach.