MADE Story Telling Hour(s) - June 2018 - Fresh Perspective

MADE Story Telling Hour(s) - June 2018 - Fresh Perspective

The MADE Story Telling Hour(s) is a monthly story telling event with a guest curator, featured speakers and open mic.

This month's theme is Fresh Perspective;
How art chose us and how we hope to impact the arts as a whole. Guest curated by Rachel Salzman AKA Moze has selected featured speakers that will focus on sharing their experiences with the arts, the challenges and success and how they hope to shape the future of art.

Join us for this special event

Featured Speakers;
Painter/Performer/Celestial Jellyfish

Mozē is a self taught painter, poet, and performer. She is an abstract mixed media artist. Her art is influenced by the idea of micro and macro, the biological and the celestial, being intertwined. The atoms that make up the stars are the same atoms that are in us and everything around us. She hopes her psychedelic interpretation will inspire the feeling of connectivity within the viewer. Mozē is also exploring a new avenue of her self expression with stylized photoshoots and collaborations with local photographers and brands.

She currently has art prints and shirts available at Made by Millworks and is working on new products, including her very first Zine!

Recent projects include galavanting around downtown Long Beach in her true form as Celestial Jellyfish Queen for Live After 5! Previous work includes an art, music, and poetry tour with City Heart, live painting at Made by Millworks in downtown Long Beach and at TedX in Mission Viejo, and installations at two local businesses. Mozē has had three previous installations and a four week artist feature in Chicago, Illinois.
Felicia Cade
Poet/Spoken Word Artist

Felicia Cade is a well known local Poet, Speaker, Activist, and author of “Collected Pieces and Shed Skin”. Felicia is the Founder of “Power Of Words”, A long-running community Open Mic And Holds weekly workshops for women writers. Her Spoken Word poetry is well known For its powerful presence and thought-provoking stories. She has been featured at The Long Beach Convention Center, Color Me Long Beach, Cambodian New Year 2016, KPFK 90.7 Radio and a host of Open Mic’s and Community Fundraisers.

Felicia is also a community leader who is currently advocating for mental health awareness amongst African Americans and fighting for new procedures and non- medical alternatives.

Her Projects include: Women’s writing workshop at Homeland Cultural Center Starting June 11th. P.O.W Open Mic every first Thursday. “Voices Of Villain’s” a poetic Monologue. A play that brings us closer than comfortable to our villains. 2nd Second Book to be released October 2018 “Nakedness Called Me Back To The Womb”
Nat Iosbaker
Sign Painter

My work as a poet, sign painter, and stencil artist is grounded deeply in living and working throughout Long Beach, CA, Madison, WI, and Chicago, IL. The work that I produce in my studio on 4th plays amongst my personal narrative, that of local youth, and the broader Long Beach community. The artwork depends heavily on sensory images of our neighborhoods. The number one question to ground my creative process and that of anyone I am collaborating with is: Where are you from? Where are you at? This inquiry brings out my own story, allowing me to reflect and recognize my communities, and brings the artistic process into the present.
You can follow my current projects at
Katherine Maleki

I am a student at Cal State Long Beach as well as the in-house artist at the Long Beach Creamery. My artistic interests span many mediums but I'm training to work in the field of animation. My passion for art and love of beauty was honed right here in my hometown, where I hope to contribute to the sense of community and love for life that characterizes my favorite city. Besides my work at the Creamery I have been focusing on expanding my experimental animations, including my favorite piece, Dream Girl. I am also working on a series of zines as well as selling my hand drawn stickers and buttons.
Ronnie DeLeon
POW WOW School of Music