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S P A C E at Elinor for Live After 5

As part of Downtown Long Beach's Live After 5ive stop by our place to check out a special live performance by S P A C E

S P a C E
Afrobeat, Indie rock, Electronic
Future Indie Rock group weaving together landscapes of sound under the manicured facade of catchy melodies.

The duo known as S P A C E come from backgrounds in art, design, film, and photography. Their first single "Great" takes these influences and weaves together complex landscapes of sound under the manicured facade of catchy melody. At first listen, their songs seem familiar and deceivingly simple. Simple, that is, until you pull at the thread of an interesting tone to find it unravels into a curated menagerie of disco, house, deep bass, anthemic rock, afrobeat, driving synth and ambience that reward multiple listens.

It’s the sort of music you’d expect to hear during a summertime pool party on the rooftop of some chic downtown LA club, but also while laying on your back on a cool desert night watching the stars spin on the vinyl turntables of the cosmos.

"Great," is a quintessential example of everything Neff and Tuzin do well. Soulful fragmented female choir samples coupled with funky guitar riffs, and a moody bass, the song grooves like an indie rock hit with a dash of EDM. An homage to all the times anyone has ever been on the dance floor and too shy to do anything about it.

21+ ONLY
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