MADE: Going Green this Earth Day

MADE: Going Green this Earth Day

Annual Earth Day is here in the great City of Long Beach California, and we’re showing nothing but our appreciation and support through Earth Day events, specials, and promotions!

Tips for going green

Here at MADE we intend to show our utmost support in Go-Green efforts, not only in the distribution of eco-friendly products but also through our daily Green lifestyle. Listed below are some helpful tips that you can use to achieve a greener lifestyle. To follow up on more Green-Eco tips visit Going Green.

  • Remember to recycle your plastic & glass bottles. Look for the purple recycling carts in your neighborhood!

  • Say no to plastic straws

  • Aim for 5 to 10 minute showers to easily conserve water, or even take a bath

  • Reduce electricity use at home by unplugging appliances when not in use

  • Or, you can plug small appliances into a smart power strip

Shopping Green

In addition to our daily efforts to be more down-to-earth in our art gallery, Elinor bar, and event venue, we also offer several green products which are available for sale online or in-store.


Staring at $3.00

Many businesses have abandoned regular plastic straws in an effort to reduce waste. The reusable straw movement shines awareness on how plastic straws are polluting our ocean, clogging landfills, poisoning our waterways and damaging our ecosystem. Bring Your Own and The Loominatrix reusable straws have helped mitigate the overuse of unnecessary plastic, and utilized resources such as stainless steel, bamboo, silicone, and more to create a simple way to avoid plastic on-the-go. Each straw consists of different sizes based on your drink preferences. You can also get fashionable hand-made straw sleeves to hold and protect your straws, available in store only. A limited selection of inventory is available online; to see more products, visit us at 240 Pine Ave.                    

 GFM Large Tote Koi Fish 


GFM Elephant Sling Bag 


We have expanded the bounds of go-green practices not only in the kitchen, but also with accessories. Global Fashion Mission is a project foundation that has partnered with the Long Beach Human trafficking task force in efforts to fight against human trafficking worldwide. GFM believes in brands that create products which are sustainable, and socially/environmentally friendly. Made by Millworks’ eco-friendly selections advocates GFM’s vision to uphold social and environmental accountability in our communities. We offer several fashionable GFM tote bags that are designed in Long Beach and custom-made in Cambodia. Many of these stylish bags are made from upcycled crop bags from Southeast Asia, and fish-feed bags from Vietnam. The complex materials used in the creation of each tote bag and the intensive color scheme and patterns radiate the beauty within each remarkable product. Available in store and online.


Natural Deodorant

starting at $6.00

But it doesn’t end there; MADE is putting a stop to odors, naturally. LB Love Organics has formulated a natural deodorant specialized for sensitive skin, created to nourish and hydrate your underarms. LB deodorant contains coconut oil, organic olive oil, shea butter, local beeswax, probiotics and magnesium to eliminate underarm odor. LB Love is organic, and free from harmful parabens, sulfates and other GMOs designed in chemical labs. LB Love also offers natural lip balms and lotions. Scents offered include Ylang-Ylang lime, with a zesty, citrusy scent, lavender lemongrass, a fragrant aromatherapy solution, and woodland scent, with a mixture of tea-tree, cedarwood, pine and bergamot essential oils. These products can be found both online and in store.




We at MADE encourage you to practice greener choices daily, by altering your routine and protecting our planet’s natural resources. Shopping small and sustainable is just one way to ensure that we encourage each other to be more socially and environmentally responsible.