Meet the Maker - Darick J Simpson

Meet the Maker - Darick J Simpson

Darick J Simpson

Meet Darick J Simpson, a consummate Renaissance man and author of Life, Lyrics and Love. 

How’d you get your start? 
What inspired you to start your creative enterprise? 

I started writing poetry as an All Conference Linebacker in college. Initially, it was just a way to capture my thoughts and feelings in a way I could relate to after taking an English Literature class. I was young and far away from home; growing as a young man finding his way in life. Years later, I met a friend who is a musician and he suggested I consider writing lyrics because they are a form of poetry set to music. One thing led to another, and by 2001, I published my first book of poetry. In 2002, I created a Spoken Word CD. In 2019, I published my third book, and in 2020, I channeled my creative energy to launch a podcast that is now on Spotify, iTunes, and many other major platforms entitled Stories From The Journey of Life.

It is my hope that someday one of my lyrics will be a song that people sing around the world for generations to come! My grandchildren will be able to say, that’s my Papa D!  

Starting a creative enterprise is hard, what advice would you give to those with similar aspirations? 

It takes confidence and courage to pour your heart out onto pages for others to scrutinize. In fact, there was no way I would have shared a love poem in the football locker room in 1978! I have found that the courage, creativity and talents used in my writing transcends the boundaries into my corporate life. A poem or lyric done properly can tell a very compelling story in a concise manner. 

Describe your perfect day out and about locally.

A perfect day for me is making someone's life better by my presence. This could be physical presence, or something I have written that soothes the soul! I want readers or listeners to feel that they can relate in some way intuitively, or on an emotional level.

Which do you most attribute to your success: creativity or knowledge?

As I think about it, my creativity manifests itself in many ways beyond poetry and lyrics. I believe that we all have inherent talent and it's important to understand what they are as we build them into strengths applied in all aspects of life. Further, I believe that creativity is inherent and knowledge is gained. When we blend the two consistently with wisdom, a recipe for great opportunities in life is created!

I have come to learn that when we can blend who we are with what we do in life our purpose can be achieved and that is a beautiful place to be. 

If you could move to any other place in this or any universe where would you go? Why?

I have lived long enough to believe peace and happiness is a state of being. Often people wish for a person in their life, or to live in a certain place, only to realize after they attain it that there is something more to be desired. Now, I pray for peace in my mind and heart as I reflect on a biblical verse that says, “plant all of your seeds for you never know which will grow, perhaps they all will.” I think about this verse and try to live it daily, understanding that I am my best friend and can be my worst enemy. I have a choice and constantly pray for the wisdom to make the right one!