Meet the Maker - Erika Christensen

Meet the Maker - Erika Christensen

Erika Christensen

Meet Erika Christensen, the Maker behind Luna Impressions children's clothing and accessories

Erika, being a mother of three, came across a boutique and fell in love with their baby shoes and burp cloths but the price was not right, so she decided to make her own. At her elder sons’ schools, the word got out about her creative kids items, so she began making them to sell, and her handmade brand has continued to grow from that moment. She adores making things for little ones and seeing pictures of her happy customers.

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How’d you get your start, what inspired you? Has rejection ever affected your creative process?

I started by making things when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I wanted to make cute unique things for him, and once he was born people saw the things I made and started asking if I would sell them. I sold a few items to some friends and with word of mouth I ended up at my kids’ school carnival.  

I do believe that rejection is part of the process. It can sometimes knock you down but those are the times you can stop, think, and look at it from a different perspective and make it better. My grandma always said, “siempre aprendes más de los chingadazos que de las victorias,” meaning sometimes we learn more from our failures than we do from our victories, more or less.

If you can imagine it, you can make it. It may take a few tries and you may get frustrated, but it is possible. 

What does your workspace look like? 

I work in a 12 x 12 studio built from half of a garage. I have a lot of fabric, a sewing machine, printers, and paints. I get inspired by some pictures of my family and lots of different pieces that show what I have become over the years, but my favorite thing in my workspace is my kids art and the small crafts they make for me.

I am a mother of 3 boys, 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 frog, and a few fishies, and I can be cooking and making things or stitching while helping my kids in their Zoom class. For me it's all about multitasking and creating when I can. I will work late nights to catch up on any pending orders.

What other skills or crafts have you been working on, or is there one you would like to master?

I love baking and cooking, they are the things my mom was always really strong on us to learn. She started teaching me how to make food. When I was around 9 my grandma taught me to make “tortillas de harina''. 

What is your favorite local outdoor activity?

Walking! We love going to the El Dorado nature center. It gives us time to disconnect and explore nature. I love seeing the excitement in my kids eyes when we come across any of the creatures we find. I must say if you are planning to go to the El Dorado Nature Center on a very hot spring day, don’t! I made that mistake, and, as a result, I ended up with lots of spiders on my head and in my backpack, it was more of a run than a walk.

What is your favorite local mural or piece of street art, what strikes you about it?

Long Beach is a place where it doesn't matter where you look. There is always art all around us - from the neighbor displaying his art to the amazing art at MOLAA. It all really just makes me happy and I always get surprised by the art pieces that inspire me and help me come up with new creations.