Meet the Maker - Jayro Sandoval

Meet the Maker - Jayro Sandoval

Jayro Sandoval 
Big City Pomade

Jayro Sandoval started Big City Pomade with a purpose, to make hair and skin products that have natural ingredients and offer healthy and restorative properties. Tired of using products with heavy toxins and frustrated with limited expensive natural options, he decided to try making his own.

How'd you get your start?

"I was in search of natural product alternatives for men, and I am a trained chef, so recipe making came easy. I have also practiced visual art for a lifetime so making came naturally."

What advice would you give to those with similar aspirations?

"Keep to it even when you're not feeling it.  It is easy to get discouraged when things aren't going as planned but inspiration comes from all places. I try to channel good energy for my business by being genuine."

 "I hope to see my business root itself in the community so that I can give back in a major way." 

Describe your perfect day out and about locally

"My perfect day is restocking local shops with my products. Walking about in 73 degree weather with a cool breeze drinking a cold brew from the local coffee shop. Picnic at the park for lunch, run down the beach path in the evening, pizza and beer for dinner from 4th Horseman." 

Describe your day in your home workspace

"I make grooming products and I make art in my apartment in DTLB. I cannot start until the space has a hard reset, cleaned and organized. I cannot focus if the space isn't prepared. Music is great for workflow and no other distractions. It is all an art and this is all mindset."

If you could move to any other place where would you go?

"Japan for the food and the culture or Switzerland for the open fields and crystal blue waters either in search of Zen."

"Creativity and curiosity are what got me here. Taking a risk unlocks new paths. No formal training needed  just your natural urge to explore."


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