Meet the Maker - Jill Layton

Meet the Maker - Jill Layton

Jill Layton

Meet Jill, the Maker behind Yellow Grass greeting cards.

Jill Layton makes greeting cards for people who like people but only kind of.  She writes articles for the internet and dabbles in comedy writing.  She has a wife, two kids, a dog, and a serious love of snacks.

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How’d you get your start?   

I didn’t love the greeting card options I was seeing at stores, so I thought it would be fun to make my own. I’m a writer. People pay me to write funny things, so I thought why not write my own funny things? I started jotting down ideas for cards. Once I had enough ideas, I taught myself how to use Illustrator, which was way harder than I anticipated. I powered through, found a printing company, made approximately 4,000 mistakes along the way, spent a ridiculous amount of money getting started, then finally ended up with a bunch of real-life funny greeting cards that people buy and actually enjoy. (I think.)

 Describe your perfect day out and about locally. 

 Since the pandemic, my wife and I spend a lot of time going on walks with our two kids and our dog in our neighborhood. Well, my wife mainly rides an electric scooter she’s obsessed with, but she waves as she zips by. We also go to the beach at the peninsula, parks, and… well, that’s pretty much it. We still order dinner in from our favorite restaurants, including George’s Greek Café, Nick’s on 2nd, Sushi on Fire, and Boba Guys. What? Boba can be dinner.

 "I think I’m successful at what I do because I trust that I have something to say that people want to hear… or read. I didn’t go to journalism school, and I never took graphic design classes. I taught myself how to create what I wanted to create. You don’t need formal training to be creative. You might need some tutorials, but that’s what the internet and friends are for."


 Describe your day at home or in your workspace?

My workspace consists of my laptop, my couch, cozy clothes, and snacks. All while my kids are napping. I write for two online publications, Scary Mommy and Techwalla, and have written for several others, including Hello Giggles, The Dodo, and Bustle. I’m also currently helping my very funny friend write her memoir.

If you could move anywhere else, in this or any other universe where would you go?

 I’d gather all my family and friends and move to a beautiful and sustainable compound somewhere in nature. A place that’s close enough to civilization so we can still order things from Amazon.