Meet the Maker - Kevin Forde

Meet the Maker - Kevin Forde

Kevin Forde
the Gush Company

The Gush Company is an extension of everything Kevin does creatively. He's been an artist his entire life and expresses himself under various mediums which include music, painting, graphic design, songwriting, poetry etc. He always had a romantic desire to move to California so when I got the opportunity he jumped at the chance. His line of clothing and accessories celebrates California.

How'd you get your start?

"I wanted to start a business that was fun and creative. I’d been working for other companies my entire life and I thought why not do something for myself. I wanted to start my business with a product that required little investment and low overhead so I chose enamel pins. I used bold primary colors and controversial imagery to standout from my competition."

What do you do to get out and about locally?

(Pre-covid)Taking my daughter for a walk to a park then maybe grab some dinner at Seabirds or Prime.
Golf. Or a Bike ride on the strand to peninsula and back. 
[I really like] Dave Van Patten's bicycle mural across from Portfolio Coffee House. Reminds me of a keyrack my grandma used to have. Finally, I just got a puppy, so I should check out Rosie’s dog beach for sure! 

What's your typical day like?

"Get up at 5:30 and work til my daughter get’s up. Work while she naps and little bit after her nap. [My workspace is] an organized version of romper room "

What other skills have you been working on?

Guitar, songwriting, cooking, illustration, raising my daughter. I’d like to master raising my daughter."

"My work celebrates being outdoors, the city of Long Beach, the state of California and positive energy. I hope it rubs off "

If you could move to any other place in this or any universe where would you go?

Somewhere in Canada maybe on Vancouver island somewhere. It’s peaceful and beautiful. 

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