Meet the Maker - Kristin Tettenburn

Meet the Maker - Kristin Tettenburn

Kristin Tettenburn

Meet Kristin, the Maker behind Willowear Pet Bandanas

Named after my German Shorthaired Pointer dog Willow, Willowear is more than my business it's my passion. I am a lover of fashion and find Willow to be the perfect muse. Each bandana is lovingly created and tailored with that same passion. 

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How’d you get your start? 

I began designing and sewing my own clothes in Junior High School and developed a huge passion for fashion, I went on to study Apparel Design in college, and after college I became a swimwear designer where I learned about the real fashion world, how to design for buyers, marketing, and the sales aspect. After that I changed careers and became a Sales Executive for a fabric company selling novelty fabrics to apparel manufacturers. I didn’t know at the time but all of the knowledge I gained through my work experience would later give me the confidence to start Willowear. 

"Launching Willowear five years ago and making a career out of it was the best decision ever, it blends my two passions: dogs & fashion."

What holds more value for you: creativity or knowledge?  

Creativity holds more value for me. My customers aka ‘dog stylists’ are very savvy with dressing their dogs and are always shopping for new bandanas every holiday whether it’s Halloween, 4th of July, or Christmas. Their dog needs a new bandana to celebrate so they can post all the cuteness on social media or attend a doggie meet up and be the best dressed fur kid around. I am constantly creating to keep things fresh and selling year-round. 


Describe your perfect day out and about locally.

I am a huge dog lover, always have been. I’m that person who has to say “hi!” to every dog and when I see one around town hanging it’s head out the car window, I have to pull up next to them. My favorite local outdoor activity is taking our dog, Willow to Rosie’s Dog Beach or going for a run together down Marine Stadium. 

"My motto is 'work really hard, play even harder' which means if I am not working then I am off adventuring. I rarely just do nothing. I prefer to stay in motion."

Describe your day at home or in your workspace? 

My typical day starts around 8am with gathering new orders received overnight, connecting with all of my dog-obsessed customers on social media, designing new products, projecting fabric and inventory needs, packing orders and making the daily dash to USPS to ship before cutoff. Several times a week I squeeze in a workout at the local gym Iconix, have dinner and then head back to work until I am so tired, I can’t think straight which usually hits me around 9pm.