Meet the Maker - Meredith Wilson

Meet the Maker - Meredith Wilson

Meredith Wilson

Meet Meredith Wilson, the Maker behind LB Love Organics.

 Two of Meredith's young sons have eczema, so she set out to treat their flare ups without steroids or topical creams filled with harmful chemicals and preservatives. It is from this place of a mama's passion and love for her Littles that LB Love Organics was born.

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How’d you get your start?   

I got my start about 8 years ago. Two of my sons had eczema when they were little, so being the problem solver that I am, I set out to treat their flare ups without steroids or topical creams filled with synthetic chemicals and preservatives. I was so grateful to discover that it healed their skin! Also, during the five years we were a foster family, I had several kiddos in my care that had other skin conditions including scarring and diaper rash, so I set out to soothe these ailments as well. 

 "Every day I go to battle with time, and I don’t think I am winning."




Describe your workspace and a typical day in your workspace.

Currently, I am working out of an 8 x 20‘ shipping container behind my garage. My husband is exceptionally talented, and has finished the inside with insulation, drywall, power, and flooring. I have a complete workshop set up: shelving, storage, work counter, shipping station – the works! It is an oasis of productivity and quiet in the middle of this pandemic desert. I love being in there, it’s my little hideaway, my respite. I can’t wait to have the luxury of spending all day in the workshop. I have recently added a commercial mixer to my arsenal of tools, and I am looking forward to utilizing it to expand production.


 "If you’re looking for a good margarita in Long Beach, you have to go to Lola’s. I have been known to eat their chips and green salsa for dinner on more than one occasion."




What kinds of jobs did you have leading up to the start of your creative venture? 

Prior to becoming a small business owner, I was actually an elementary school teacher! I really enjoy educating, and one of the ways I envision my brand growing in the future is introducing an education component.

Describe your perfect day out and about locally.

My perfect day out and about with my family is naturing together! Being outside makes us better people. I love exploring Sunken City in San Pedro, going to the bay on the peninsula with the kids in the summer, or running up and down the sand dunes near the ocean. These give me life and restore my soul.


 "I have had to grieve the loss of missing my children this past year, as they are Always. With. Me."

 How does your work march us to a better future?

I believe in the power of simplicity. My skin care is simple and straightforward, without any unnecessary ingredients. Hype and marketing schemes waste our time, which is one of our most valuable resources. 
I believe that my work leads to a better future where people are more conscious of what they put on their skin, and how small moves toward simplicity lead to a greater impact.