Meet the Maker - Rachel Salzman

Meet the Maker - Rachel Salzman

Rachel Salzman

Meet Rachel, the Maker behind Mozē

Mozē is an artist, poet, and performer based in Long Beach, California.
Blending celestial with biological elements, Mozē aims to capture the fluidity, asymmetry, and intricate preciseness of our universe.
Eyewitness reports have seen the elusive Mozē dancing in the wilds of Long Beach in her true form, The Celestial Jellyfish Queen.

Read her story below

How’d you get your start? 

The earliest memories I have are art and music. My family is in graphics, so I grew up memorizing Pantone hue books and drawing on everything I could reach. I remember going to an art museum when I was very young and seeing a painting so realistic, I could feel the breeze rustling the velvet curtains. The rest is Herstory.


What is your favorite local mural or piece of street art?
“All of them” 


Starting a creative enterprise is hard, what advice would you give to those with similar aspirations?

The best advice I received was just to get the idea down on paper; you can figure the rest out later. Try not to worry about the perfect word or the right shape. Being kind to yourself during the vulnerable initial creative stage allows for happy accidents!

What kinds of jobs did you have leading up to the start of your creative venture?

The last few years before I moved to Long Beach, I worked at pool halls in Chicago. I actively pursued jobs that would give me freedom to focus on my art, pool included!


Do you believe formal training in your field is necessary to success?

Formal training helps but it's expensive! I’m self-taught for that reason. Just keep practicing! One of the greatest disservices we have told ourselves is that art and music are only for the exceptional. Baloney! Self expression through art, music, and dancing is as deep in our bones as the stardust that makes up our atoms. You are an artist just by being alive.


“Honestly, if I’m not playing pool, working, or sleeping, I’m creating something. I’m super into flower arrangements right now!”


What gets your creative juices flowing?

Music! I can barely function without music on, let alone make art. Music was ALWAYS playing at my house growing up, dancing and singing with my dad is the first and most sacred art form I fell in love with. I find that focusing on the music while I’m working, relaxes my grip on what I think I’m creating and allows for the piece to develop naturally. 


Favorite local eateries and drinkeries?
"The Wild Chive, I’d live under one of their tables if they’d let me…”


Describe your perfect day out and about locally.

Grab an Espresso Shake from Recreational, slow walk to the Aquarium looking at all the murals, hang out with the jellyfish, sit in the penguin alcove, walk up to the lighthouse, and admire my favorite 360 view of Long Beach. 

If you could move to any other place in this or any universe where would you go?

The Jellyfish Nebula, Supernova Remnant IC 443, in the Gemini Constellation. Home of the Celestial Jellyfish Queen.