Meet the Maker - Rosa Linares

Meet the Maker - Rosa Linares

Rosa Linares

Meet Rosa (She/They), the Maker behind Hoy Por Ti

Rosa is a self-proclaimed queer Chicanx from Long Beach.

Read her/their story below

What inspired you to start your creative enterprise? 

I’ve had a deep love for art and artists since I was a kid, watching both my parents navigate their creative endeavors was where it all started for me. My dad would take us to his band rehearsals and gigs as kids, and my mom ran a cake business out of our kitchen on the weekends. Of course, growing up in this city was an inspiration in itself. I got to attend Renaissance High School for the Arts, and I was also enrolled in an arts oriented after-school program called L.A.M.P. (Leadership Academy Mentoring Program) hosted by the Long Beach Community Action Partnership. The experiences and opportunities I received made me feel like I was getting a head start in the art world.


“I think 2020 taught us that the future is unpredictable, I can only promise that whatever it is I’m doing next will be born from love to hopefully inspire love. More pins? Maybe an album? A food pop up? We’ll see, but I know I’m gonna have a heck of a good time.” 



What kinds of jobs did you have leading up to the start of your creative venture?

My anxieties concerning my art started around senior year when I felt pressure to choose between the arts I loved or to start a career. The thought of having to choose a major in college led to many sleepless nights. It wasn’t until I had an epiphany of sorts that I began to truly connect with my identity as an artist. Why choose only one? I knew I was capable of developing all of my skills in tandem because I did it all through high school. So I got a job at a record store to learn more about the music industry. I'd do family photoshoots for anyone who would ask to develop my photography skills, designed pins to develop my digital art, then jumped into the food industry which led to participating in a Food Network reality show competition.

Describe your perfect day out and about locally.

I love wandering downtown and popping in and out of small shops, digging through records at one of the many great record stores in Long Beach, running into old friends and meeting friendly strangers. There are so many great murals in this city but one of my favorites has to be the one of the giant little kid looking through a tilted window of the building on 6th and Elm. There's something beautiful about a childlike curiosity, I hope we all find ways to tap into that every once in a while. 


“I love Long Beach and it will always be home but it’d be nice to live in a small town somewhere in Mexico for a bit and maybe find some music, and culinary mentors. Just to get a little deeper in this search of what makes me, me.”


What does your workspace look like? Are you hyper-organized, a little messy?

Last year I started turning my brother's old bedroom into a studio/creative space, and now I’m in the midst of learning music production and hopefully making music with friends soon. It’s a really fun journey so far, I'm excited for what’ll eventually come out of this. I have a really good feeling about it, and that’s always a good sign. Growing up, my spaces were what I liked to call “organized chaos” which is to say, pretty much a giant mess but I knew where everything was (for the most part) so the mess didn’t bother me. It did on the other hand bother my mom, of course. So for her sake I started to explore what organization sans chaos looks like for me. Firstly, I’ve learned that I need just a little bit of chaos, it keeps things interesting. Second, that mental health, and taking steps to improving it is definitely a game changer on this quest of not only being organized, but also life and our perception of life in general? Wild how that works out. 

What holds more value for you: creativity or knowledge?

For me, creativity and knowledge go hand in hand. I feel that my knowledge inspires my creativity, the more I learn the more I want to create. Formal training can absolutely be a huge help and sometimes that is the best option for people. Is it necessary? Maybe not in the age of YouTube university, the trick is finding what feels right for you. There are so many ways of finding success but only you can decide what that looks and feels like to you.