Meet the Maker - Shannon La Bounty

Meet the Maker - Shannon La Bounty

Shannon La Bounty

Meet Shannon La Bounty, Maker of Sacred Waters Soap.

I have always been an artist but soap making for me started 24 years ago. I was learning everything I could about homesteading with the goal of moving to a farm. At some point, my grandmother gave me a book on soap making. Once I started making soap, I never looked back. I have always been interested in a healthy mind, body, and planet. Creating a lighter footprint on the earth, the independence of being able to make it myself. Soap seemed like the perfect way to embody all of that and give my creative self a way to stretch. I love thinking about soap and bathing as functional art forms. 

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Describe your day at home or in your workspace?

My days at home are filled with homeschooling and gardening. I’m grateful to have so much outside space to play with over this last year. My studio and kitchen are always in a state of controlled chaos, a good mess until I hit that tipping point where I have to clean everything and start fresh with clear workspaces. My brain loves hitting the reset button. Whenever I get stuck creatively, I love to play with essential oils and find that new winning combination. 
A typical week sees me in and out of my studio all day while my children swirl around me. It’s hard to qualify how many hours a week I work but it is a lot. Probably a sign that I am in the right place. Inspiration strikes and I pop back into my studio to bang it out. Moving forward, I see my work coming more into alignment with my philosophy that bathing is a place for healing.

"The art of bathing gives us space to rejuvenate and meditate. Not only do the natural oils nourish the body, but bathing can also nourish the soul."

 Describe your perfect day out and about locally.

A perfect day for me is a long walk on the beach, combing for shells and beach glass. I love to wander through the tidepools in San Pedro.  Nature inspires me. A picnic on the bluffs with a spread from The Cheese Addiction makes a perfect afternoon. From there I can see my favorite art installation over at LBMA. The woven sculptures by Patrick Dougherty are giant and swirling, so enchanting to sit inside of them. 

"The next craft I plan on taking up is weaving rugs. I am totally fascinated by the process,  the textures, and the colors. I am learning how to build the loom needed. For me the key to happiness is always to keep learning new things!" 

What holds more value for you: creativity or knowledge? 

I don’t value one more than the other, both knowledge and creativity excite me. I have to understand the chemistry of soap and the science of scent in order to play and create with these components. You have to learn the rules in order to bend and break them. Being an alchemist allows me the freedom to create within the confines of science. Creating my soap from natural ingredients helps heal people’s bodies and the planet. A little magic, the hands of an artist, and fantastic ingredients create an amazing product. After being homeschooled as a child I don’t really believe formal training is necessary for most things. I think an apprenticeship is great but you really can teach yourself. There are so many resources available now. 

If you could move to any other place in this or any universe where would you go?

If I could, I would move back to a farm surrounded by the forest. There would be a running stream and a lake or a pond close by. I would have chickens and goats again, maybe a pig. There would be a huge garden full of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. I can hear the bees buzzing through it. A small comfortable cabin with several outbuildings and a barn. Maybe it is in France or Spain.