Meet the Maker - Steven T. Bramble

Meet the Maker - Steven T. Bramble

Steven T. Bramble

Meet Steven T. Bramble, the Author of novels Grid City Overload, Affliction Included, and Disposable Thought

Steven T. Bramble was born in 1986 in Pueblo, CO, and currently lives in Long Beach. He is the author of the Psychology of Technology trilogy, a thematically-connected series of novels that questions the implications of modernity, and is a co-founder of ZQ-287 Press.

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How did you get your start?

In general I started out as this tiny little pissant with a vocabulary informed by 90s pop culture and cereal box PSAs. Naturally, this led to the delusion that writing was the way to go. I quickly angered most everyone I knew with my attempts to accomplish something (which I did not), and have ever since been frantically trying to reassure people of my desire to be little more than your average guy who will go through the familiar processes of working, purchasing a gravestone online, eventually lying under that gravestone, etc.


“There are some who occasionally read the words I write, and that tends to make me happy for some odd reason that I won’t attempt to triangulate.”



Describe your perfect day out and about locally. 

Like most who might be reading this, I feel at home here in Long Beach and tend to enjoy coming into contact with its most intimate and quotidian personalities and events. So just about anything satisfies. I also drink at bars. 

Describe your day at home or in your workspace.

Days off are rare, and when I have them I do my best to ignore friends and loved ones in order to manifest what I take to be complex and worthwhile ideas. As for ignoring people, I’m successful about half the time; and as for the manifestation of ideas, I’ll let others be the judge. Either way, I try to be appreciative of the understanding I get. 


“I hate to say it, but I don’t know much about myself, personally, until the Steve Harvey Show is able to offer me stern, level-headed advice.”


If you could move to any other place in this or any universe... 

I don’t know, but I can definitely provide you with a long list of places to where I would never move under any circumstances, ever. Apart from that, I could see myself crashing on Guillermo Arriaga’s (Mexican author, screenwriter, director and producer) couch for a while—I need to bother him with so many questions.