Meet the Makers - Allysha & Raina

Meet the Makers - Allysha & Raina

Venice Vinyls

Meet Raina & Allysha, the Makers behind Venice Vinyls

Raina and Allysha are huge music fans who have parlayed that love into a small business hand carving old and unplayable vinyl records. They recognize that music can be such a powerful force in our everyday lives. We associate stages of life, love, beginnings, and endings with certain songs or artists. Their artful carved records serve as touchstones to those times we cherish and celebrate with music.

Read their story below

What inspired you to start your creative enterprise?

We both have always been creative women all of our lives. Whether it be through art, music, or expression; creativity has always been at the forefront. We both have had a huge appreciation for music (as we can imagine most people do), so we turned our creative focus in that direction. After many different mediums we decided to focus on handcrafting vinyl records into the musicians that created that music.

What steps did you initially take to set yourself apart?

We spent countless hours/days/months to finesse the process to become not only creative, but efficient in getting our art out to the public. Before the pandemic, we sold our art on Venice Beach, art shows, art walks, concerts, and word of mouth.  Moving forward we cannot wait for restrictions to be lifted, providing us the opportunity again to get our art out into the world. 


“Due to the closures of so many outlets for our work, we have come to rely on the huge support we have locally in Long Beach.” 


Describe your perfect day out and about locally. 

There are so many activities to do in LB. Even with the restrictions we face, Yoga on the Bluff has become a safe space of normalcy. The ocean is also one of our greatest pleasures, just getting our feet wet and dirty provides a sense of normalcy. 


Describe your day at home or in your workspace?

Under a normal climate, we're either carving records, creating new designs, or at an event. We've had to adapt within the last year, so our days definitely look different. Most of our work is made to order as work comes in from individual customers and businesses. Our workspace constantly runs the cycle of creative mess, and then organization. At this point, our vinyl collection is pretty vast, so our record player definitely keeps us company while creating.


“We run our schedule how we want in that moment. Freedom and creative independence is very important to us.”


Sites you like visiting? Favorite local eateries and drinkeries?

Even though it's considered 'touristy' we really love Shoreline Village. Good food, live music, and bike paths. We also love Signal Hill for beautiful views, easy trails, and aerobic uphill walks (if we're up to it).
Retro Row is another favorite spot. We have good relationships with many of the record stores and galleries. Also, WeOp Cafe is right around the corner! They're a wonderfully tasty, intentional, nutritious, LGBTQ+ local establishment.


“Knowledge gives inspiration, creativity brings the song.”


What holds more value for you: creativity or knowledge? 

Knowledge. Knowledge in whatever aspect holds value, as it's a stepping stone to creativity. However, I feel the question, "what holds more value for you, creativity or knowledge?" is a trick question. Case in point: I drew with an eye liner on my hand and created an eye, playing with the richness of the formula, the smoothness of the brush, it was a masterpiece!