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Meet the Story Makers - Andrew H Carroll

Andrew H. Carroll

Meet Andrew, he doesn’t make a product, as our general manager, he helps make the story at MADE.

He’s a Punk Rock Historian (with some publications to his name), a drinker of good beer, a bit of a denimhead, an advocate for makers and artists, a father and husband, and the wearer of many hats at MADE and Elinor.

Read his story below


How’d you get your start here?

Honestly, since my adolescence, I’ve been really into the arts and music. This interest led me, in all of my teen angst, to punk rock which in turn bred an interest in DIY. Now I don’t consider myself a maker, an artist, or a musician - though I did certainly dabble in all of them.
Not to mention, I was born and raised in Long Beach, and I have always had a lot of healthy pride for my city and its communities.
When I was in grad school, I was mostly working as a TA and tutor, and there was no work in the summer, so I was looking for a summer job. I found a posting on craigslist that didn’t say what store it was, but I could read between the lines with my overly developed critical thinking skills to know it was for this new store which had just opened called MADE that stocked all local goods. I applied, it was a perfect fit, and the rest is history.


"I’ve done a lot of things for work over the years - pub quiz host, skate park attendant, tour guide, pizza cook, beer journalist, exam writer, and teacher.
I even tried to launch my own clothing line once - selling hand silk-screened shirts out of the back of my car at punk shows - years before platforms like MADE and affordable website hosting made it doable to get started without much capital."


Describe your perfect day out and about locally.

It depends on the day and whether our son is out with us or not, I'm always taking my wife somewhere. In general, the perfect day involves a good meal, some world class beer, and some kind of entertainment (even if it is just walking around a different neighborhood). Luckily, in Long Beach I can just pick a neighborhood and make that happen.
Though living in Belmont Heights and working downtown, I don’t make it up there enough, North Long Beach is amazing - coffee at Black Ring, food from El Pollo Imperial or Robert Earls, and then stop for pints in Bixby Knolls on the way home at Ambitious, Liberation, or Dutch’s.


"Liverpool FC’s motto of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a mantra I try to live by."



What holds more value for you: creativity or knowledge?

For me personally, it is knowledge - probably not a surprise from someone with a master's degree in history who considered going into academia. This is not to discount the value of creativity. Creativity is vital, and it helps me formulate the idea or the concept, but knowledge allows me to take it to the next level and actually implement it. While, yes, I have a lot of traditional education, knowledge is a lot more than education. Knowledge is the culmination of all of our experiences whether they are in a classroom, interactions with people, remembering what worked in the past, or just knowing what tool to use. Without knowledge (of some kind) we can’t implement our ideas, and having more knowledge breeds further creativity - we can build off of our own experiences and when we are empathetic we can build off of the experiences of others, so yeah, knowledge is the bridge to creativity.


If you could move to any other place in this or any universe where would you go?

Wow this is a tough one. I’m a Long Beacher born and bred who truly loves his home, but, admittedly, I’ve pondered living other places. I love the weather, arts, music, and access to nature of the Pacific Northwest, but the lack of diversity always makes me uncomfortable. I adore facets of the UK, okay mostly just the history, punk rock, and football. Also, Ireland - the culture, the music, the people, the history, the camaraderie of a real pub, and again the weather. And Jamaica or the Caymans have also intrigued me - they would offer a chance to really connect deeply with my heritage and the food is amazing (if you haven’t had good Jamaican food you seriously need to seek some out - there are some great spots in Inglewood).
But, yet I never find myself wanting to leave. Long Beach has it all - good food, good weather (even it is a little hot at times), real diversity, the mountains are just a couple hours away, and anything we don’t have (Jamaican food) is still pretty close by in LA.


"I encourage everyone to really get out there and explore their city - there is so much beyond our regular haunts"



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