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Adriane Handmade

About Adriane Handmade 

Mindful, original, one of a kind rock n roll inspired accessories using up-cycled leather made by my two hands...

"I started "Made By Adriane" with a strong basic background in accessory design, after running my own small business for almost 10 years, Lucky Girl Handbags: Handmade to order leather bags and accessories with tattoo influence. In order to grow that business, I would have had to start manufacturing on a larger scale, but the thought of using animal skins by the dozens made me apprehensive, it didn't feel morally right, and I decided not take that path. I never believed in mass marketing, especially where animals are involved.

Now, I am back to creating in a new way, still using leather and exploring other options as well, but the core of my designs are made with repurposed leather. This means my Mom and I scour thrift stores for outdated leather garments, which we then deconstruct.

Working this way has many challenges, but it is how my designing thrives...I am a true scavenger, and sometimes I feel like new ideas just spring from these deconstructed items. Maybe because there is a history behind each piece of leather now, each piece of leather has been somewhere, holds secrets, desires, has seen another life! And I am able to resurrect it and bring it forth for another round.

Leather is strong, flexible, breathable, feels amazing, looks amazing, and is a resource that should be used to it's fullest potential but in a respectful way. I hope to make a small difference with what I do, by making these repurposed accessories that can be worn and loved now and for many years in the future!"

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