Men's Sport Kilt in Long Beach and California Tartans

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by Sport Kilt

  • Available in the Long Beach or California Tartan.
  • Made in Long Beach

Long Beach Tartan - Recognized by the Scottish Registry of Tartans, and the City Council of Long Beach as the official tartan of Long Beach, California. Sport Kilt is happy to have helped create a tartan that represents our diverse city and the place where Sport Kilts are proudly made. 
With colors chosen to represent the City, two shades of blue for the "Aquatic Capital of the US," along with black and gold for California State University, Long Beach, green for our wonderful parks, red and blue for our Fire and Police departments, this vibrant tartan tells the story of a prideful city wherever it is worn.  

California Tartan - This is the official California tartan. The tartan's blue background reflects the sky, the Pacific Ocean, and the state's many rivers and mountains. The green reflects the forests of the Sierras, and the many fields, forests, and parks. The red, gold, and blue signify the arts, sciences, and industry of the people of the State of California. There is also a hint of the Muir family tartan in its origin, in celebration of John Muir's many contributions to California.