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"Brown Paper Press is an independent publishing house headquartered in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States — Long Beach, California. Founded by Wendy Thomas Russell and Jennifer Volland in 2014, BPP is a small but mighty company with a passion for progressive nonfiction. Whether it’s a memoir that pushes readers to think about conversion therapy in a new way or a parenting book that advocates a new paradigm in child-rearing, each of our books serves as a conduit to an inquisitive, open-minded and forward-thinking audience. And though not all of our titles are capable of triggering change in the world, we try to set the bar — just as turn-of-the century newspaperman Finley Peter Dunne once did — at “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.” We seek to publish books around topics relevant to our contemporary life, books that communicate compelling ideas, books that matter.

Small presses long have been an indispensable part of the publishing industry — more open to risk-taking and less tied to commercial success than large publishing houses. They are credited with bringing some of the world’s most provocative and thoughtful writing to the printed page. In addition, the best small presses are known for developing close, supportive and enduring relationships with their authors; launching book promotion plans that last months, even years, longer than that of traditional publishers; and involving authors in the behind-the-scenes decisions, from design to distribution to marketing strategies. Brown Paper Press fits squarely into that category. We work incredibly closely with authors, not only to make their books the best they can be but to give our authors a publishing experience worthy of their hard work."

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