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Burnin' Beak

About Burnin' Beak

Burnin' Beak's sweet and tangy pepper jellies were first cooked up in 2011, but really, it all began years before in San Antonio, Texas. Sisters Tori and D'Ann grew up there, in a family who cooked everything with a whole lotta love and lots of spice! With a grandmother who made jams and preserves from fresh fruit, a dad who was a BBQ master, and a mom who taught them how to cook, the girls grew up with an affection for all things tasty and spicy.

In 2011, Tori began perfecting her own pepper jelly recipe in her southern California kitchen at home, experimenting with adding various levels of heat and sweetness before she found the perfect mix in a sweet, tangy and spicy Habanero Marmalade.

She discovered it was just as versatile as it was delicious, and began using her pepper jellies as marinades and glazes, and in spreads, dips and sauces. And she found out that folks also loved eating it straight out of the jar! D'Ann came on board soon after and began crafting our spicy marmalades from her own kitchen in Richardson, Texas, and showing them off all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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