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Jacob's Chimes

by Jacob's Chimes

Musical instrument maker Jacob Sokoloff has been making his precision tuned wind chimes for about 35 years. Best known for his hugely popular Car Charms (often just called “car chimes”), Jacob’s first chimes were the “Traditional” series. These wood and metal wind chimes make peaceful and relaxing music in the wind, are 100% weather proof and lifetime guaranteed.

In 1998 Jacob’s Musical Chimes introduced its first “miniature” windchimes, made of solid aluminum pipes hung from whimsical shapes such as hummingbirds, cats, dragonflies, fairies, butterflies, angels and many more (the hummingbird wind chimes, dragonfly wind chimes and fairy wind chimes remain the most popular). These affordable windchimes also made beautiful music, and Jacob’s customers accepted them with open arms (and ears!). The series currently includes the Little Piper,the Magnet Windchimes, an 18" plant stake chime called the Plant Adorn-a-ment, the Door Chimes, the Silhouette Chimes and of course the best selling Car Charms.

Jacob's latest creation is his Door Chime collection, a series of chimes designed for hanging on a door knob. They produce sweet, musical tones whenever the door moves, serving as both a security device and a pleasant way to greet your guests. Many clever dog owners quickly realized they could train their dog to play the chimes when it wanted to go out, and this has now become one of the chimes' main selling points. This use is so popular, we even made a short video of Flurry the Dog playing a set of Door Chimes.

Jacob’s “miniature” series is available in gift shops and galleries across the country (as well as Canada, Japan and some other parts of the world). All of his chimes, including the original “Traditional” series, can be found at Fern's Garden, the company's retail stores operated by Jacob's sister Fern. Because the larger “Traditional" series is no longer available from retailers, Fern's Garden is the only place to obtain them.

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