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Marah Johnson Designs

About Marah Johnson Designs

Marah Johnson grew up all over the United States and Canada never really calling one place home. Her parents were true hippies - living the hippie, bohemian lifestyle. Constantly on the move, Marah went to well over a dozen schools before she started 7th grade. To put food on the table, her mother used to make art dolls, quilts, and jewelry and sell everything at craft fairs. Most of the family friends were artisans as well, so whether by osmosis, or by her never ending curiosity, Marah learned to bead, sew, paint, carve wood, tool leather, caste molds, card and spin wool, weave, throw clay, paint silk, paint with beeswax, block printing, screen printing, and embroidery…phew...all before the age of 10. Needless to say, art was, and still is, Marah’s coping skill - her drug of choice.

Marah has been in the creative industry for the past 11 years, teaching both locally and internationally, doing graphic design both as a licensed artist and freelance. She has been licensed with Creative Imaginations for 9 years and is best known for her edgy, grungy, rock influenced artwork and her love of texture. Her work has been published several times by Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Design Originals, Legacy, Scrapbooking and Beyond, Paper Crafting and a few more that she can’t remember…she has so many ideas floating around in her head that her memory skills are lacking a bit.

Marah is still happiest, barefoot, hair pulled in a ponytail, comfy clothes, fingers full of ink and glue with a bit of paint and glitter thrown in for good measure. She is known for getting lost in her projects and having to remember to set an alarm clock so she doesn’t forget to pick up her kids at school and more often than not, forgets to eat lunch. Marah currently lives in Huntington Beach CA.

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