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Phantom 3D

About Barry Rothstein,

"Unlike most of my friends in the 3-D photography community, I didn't own a View-Master™ as a kid, and don't remember ever seeing a 3-D comic book.  An amateur photographer since my teens, I lived my first full fifty years unaware of 3-D photography.  Seeing a stereoscope in an antique store during the winter of 2003 changed my life.  How was it I knew nothing about this, when before my eyes I could see the civil war was shot in 3-D.  I was instantly fascinated, and within a few months was making hundreds of my own 3-D images for the stereoscope.  That was in the early days of digital cameras becoming popular.  Digital photography, 3-D imagery, and my computer geekiness gelled perfectly in me.  The next summer I attended a National Stereoscopic Association convention, where Steve Hughes and Terry Wilson exhibited some phantograms.  Steve Hughes also conducted there the NSA's first workshop on how to make them.  The spring of 2005 I published my first book, 'Phantograms from Nature, Western USA'. "

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