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Steven Deeble

About Steven Deeble

Steven Deeble began writing in earnest in sixth grade, grinding out screenplays and short stories on a cast-iron Underwood typewriter that outweighed him by 80 pounds. In college he worked on the student newspaper for fun. He won awards for his critical review of films, as well as his photography. His first professional writing appeared in the Los Angeles Times. 

He studied film, journalism, and electronics in college, parleying this into a career in technical writing. 

He wrote, produced, and directed three short films based on original screenplays. His short story ‘On the Run in the Getaway Car’ appears in Lummox Number 6. He published ‘Persistence of Vision’, an historical detective thriller taking place across Southern California in 1929, last Fall. The book features characters from the Golden Age of Hollywood including Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Lon Chaney, and John Barrymore. His second book, ‘Throwback Thursdays: A Sketchbook’, comes out later this year. The book features autobiographical ‘sketches’ from the author’s life, written using the 2000-character limit of Facebook posts. The book includes the 60-70 pieces that have already been posted on Facebook, as well as additional ‘sketches’ that connect or extend those already published. A sequel to ‘Persistence of Vision’ is also in the works. The new novel follows some of the characters from the first book as they travel across country and further into Daniel Moretti’s back story as both son and brother, and as a veteran of World War I. 

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