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Our motto is Limitless, boundless, natural

"Hi, my name is Kevin Forde and The Gush Company is an extension of everything I do creatively. I’ve been an artist for my entire life and express myself under various mediums which include music, painting, graphic design, songwriting, poetry etc. I always had a romantic desire to move to California so when I got the opportunity I jumped at the chance. I left the slow-paced cold tundra of Winnipeg, Canada for sunny Redondo Beach!

I got a visa relatively easy because of my graphic design diploma and I was off. I worked for clothing and accessories brand for 5 years and decided it was time to branch out on my own. I lived all over Los Angeles but once I moved to Long Beach I felt myself truly inspired to pursue a creative endeavor of my own.

The Gush Company began as an accessories brand but has morphed into a tee shirt and hat brand known most notably for the primary colored ‘Sunrise California Bear' mark. The whole idea with this company was to not have any barriers when it came to exploring and producing product. I quickly realized that’s extremely hard to pull off in business so for the past year we’ve been trying to streamline the hat and tees and focus on a targeted marketing plan. The goal is to keep slowly building the brand and enter new markets across California and North America. The brand will continue to be colorful, playful and ever evolving. We also plan to add my love of writing, music and stories in the near future." 


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