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Zoe Ann Nicholson

About Zoe Ann Nicholson

Her life may appear to be a wild ride but just below the surface it is clear, Zoe Nicholson has never take her eyes off of the prize, equality. From Civil Rights in the 60's, to lesbian rights and CA Prop 6 in the 70's, to feminism in the 80's ~ Marching On to Pennsylvania Ave for LGBT rights on October 11, 2009 was just another pilgrimage on her path. With a BA in Religion and MA in Ethics, Zoe has taught school, opened a bookstore, worked in hi-tech on Wall street, and written three books, working on her fourth. She is the founder of ERA Once and For All, a life long member of NOW, NWPC, Veteran Feminists of America and outspoken voice for LGBTQAI rights. Her heroes are Gandhi, Alice Paul and the activists she has met along the way. On any given day you can hear her, "I have been straight, gay, lesbian and bi; I have had an abortion and fasted for the ERA. I hang out at the intersection of feminism and equality. For me, there is no place else to be." You can find her on any of her 7 websites, 4 Facebook pages, 2 Twitter accounts and her Youtube channel at onlinewithzoe .

Activist, author and speaker, Zoe Nicholson holds a B.A. in Theology, Quincy University, 1969 and a M.A. in Ethics, USC, 1975. She began her professional life teaching high school for five years. In 1976, she opened and operated The Magic Speller Bookstore, a women's bookstore in Newport Beach, CA. In 1982, she joined six women in Springfield, Illinois., in a public and political fast for 37 days in support of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her memoir is The Hungry Heart ~ A Women's Fast for Justice, from Lune Soleil Press. 

With the close of her independent bookstore, she served for a year as Director of the Orange County Free Clinic. In 1985, she completed the professional computer program at Computer Learning Center and worked in hi tech, software development and recruiting for fifteen years. Since 2001, she is founding partner and manages Eclipse Data Systems and Eclipse Global. 

She is a member of the ERA Roundtable, a life-long member of NOW and proud member of the Veteran Feminists of America. 

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