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Climbing the Corporate Mountain

Climbing the Corporate Mountain

Darick J. Simpson

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By Darick J. Simpson

Climbing the Corporate Mountain" is intended to provoke thought about ones readiness to succeed in their career by asking the reader if they truly are ready to begin their climb up the mountain with just a college degree. The book provides insights on topics such as identifying personal talents, the importance of mentors, community involvement and strategic networking. It goes beyond the pages of a college degree to share lessons of the workplace that are essential in building a career. The author has included a lifetime of corporate lessons learned in an engaging narrative that introduces each chapter with an original poem relevant to its content. Just as in college where a favorite professor may have offered pearls of wisdom or provoked thought that changed one's perspective, this book provides the insight of a life-long mentor that has assisted many throughout the years. His experiences as a Vice President, Executive Director and CEO of for profit and non-profit organizations have covered myriad topics that most young professionals will find useful in their quest to survive and thrive in the workplace.

  • 110 pages
  • Published in 2018
  • Written in Long Beach
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