Confessions of a Good Kid

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by William Fogg

An amusing yet poignant memoir of mischief in post war Long Beach. This book details the escapades of a boy and his companions as they explore their sprawling suburban neighborhood without adult supervision, and engage in ridiculous acts of rebellion and sabotage against parents, teachers, coaches, and the grownup world in general. An affectionate portrait of middle class American childhood in the days before smart phones, video games, and social paranoia changed everything. From the early days of TV and rock and roll, through dinosaurs, monster movies, riots, firecrackers, and cherry bombs, to Beatlemania, hippies, drugs, and the counterculture, our hero encounters heartbreak, heroism, and hilarity as he pits his wits against the stacked deck of conservative authority. Is he a "good kid?" Read the book and decide for yourself.