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Luis Sanchez

Original work by Luis Sanchez

"Both birds and enzo symbols are very spiritual, meaning freedom, limitless strength, and enlightenment. I believe birds to be all this, so magical, they make me relax, smile and give a certain feeling of awwww! There are so many species, colors, so smart and so beautiful. I grew up with many kinds of birds, but I love them free, not caged, for us to see them fly free and enjoy their song and beauty in the natural world.
I added a streak of gold or silver metallic paint across the enso, to emphasize the richness, preciousness of birds, nature and the inner self" - Luis Sanchez

  • Acrylic, pumice, molding paste on floated canvas board
  • Custom frame handmade by the artist
  • 14"x14"x2"
  • San Pedro based artist

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