Detoxifying Face Mask

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by the Willow Field

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Shouldn't we treat it well? Use this mask as a detox to help pull out toxins and hydrate the delicate facial skin. Use weekly for that perfect glow!

2 oz Bottle

Directions: Place a small amount into a small bowl and slowly add water until mask reaches consistency of your liking. The thicker it is, the quicker it will dry. If it dries too quickly and becomes clumpy, simply add a little more water. Once it reaches the consistency you like, apply to face until there is an even coat, avoiding the eye area. Leave on to dry (about 10 minutes) and then wash off with warm water or a warm towel. TIP: Apply the mask about 10 minutes before you shower and then gently wash off in the shower!

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Oatmeal, Lavender Flowers + Lemon Essential Oil