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The Engaged Heart: An Activist's Life

Zoe Ann Nicholson

by Zoe Ann Nicholson

The Engaged Heart is Zoe’s examined life revealed. Recapitulating her life, weaving threads and themes, she searches. Born just after the death of Gandhi, she hears an unrelenting call to service. From a Catholic vocation to Liberation Theology, from the Peace Movement to Feminism, from LGBT rights to intersectionality, Zoe is plugged into Social Justice as it unfolds throughout her 64 years. Only in conscious retrospect does she see that it is all the same – no matter the time or place, humanity longs for freedom, liberty and happiness.
Zoe’s experience confirms that change happens from the inside out. After spending almost 12 years with a controversial teacher, focusing on discipline, mindfulness and meditation, she leaves on her own terms. Never stepping away from spiritual practice, driven by her passion and hunger for justice, she embraces Engaged Buddhism. For her it means living in the world awake and involved.
Zoe has made brave choices; fasting, marching, speaking loudly for Equality. She is a teacher, activist and mentor. She is a satyagrahi, a changemaker and visionary. The Engaged Heart invites you in and sends you out inspired.
The Engaged Heart includes many of her speeches and 120 personal photos.

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