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Honey Pacifica Cold Packed honey is left unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed in order to give you the rawest honey possible. By leaving this gourmet honey unheated, unfiltered, and unprocessed, the enzymes and nutrients remain intact, for your benefit. Raw honey in its completely unheated form is naturally thick and creamy. Many prefer this rich consistency over that of heated and processed honey. In addition, by leaving the honey unfiltered and unprocessed, all the nutritious pollen and propolis fragments remain. We only skim off the wax that floats to the top. The reason unprocessed Cold Packed honey is so hard to find is that it is too thick to bottle by machine. Honey Pacifica does the hard work that other companies will not do, bottling our unprocessed Cold Packed honey by hand. It's simply honey from bee to you!

Available in 12 oz Glass Jars:

Orange BlossomCold Packed Orange Blossom Honey comes from the abundance of nectar produced by the Spring blossoms in the beautiful orange groves of California. The citrus taste and bouquet make this a wonderful addition to tea. 

Sage - Honey Pacifica's Cold Packed Sage honey starts with a crisp, delicate flavor and finishes with a hint of floral aftertaste. This honey comes from the slopes of California's Sierra Nevada range, produced by Black Sage that blooms spring through early summer. Sage honey is unique as it crystallizes slower than other raw honeys and most chefs prefer this type of honey as it sweetens dishes without imparting much honey flavor.

Wildflower - This Wildflower Honey is a blend of Honey Pacifica's Creamy Wildflower honey and Regular Wildflower Honey which has a slightly lighter color and taste than a pure wildflower honey. Unlike their single floral varieties the bees are surrounded by local crops, flowers, and trees so each year this honey has a unique and uncontrolled flavor.