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The Hungry Heart ~ A Woman's Fast for Justice (2nd Edition)

Zoe Ann Nicholson

By Zoe Ann Nicholson

The Hungry Heart ~ A Woman's Fast for Justice is Zoe's actual diary of her 45 day event leading up to June 30, 1982, the deadline for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. With only the exception of spelling and grammar, this is her authentic journal with photographs, mostly taken by her late friend, Judy Rosenfeld. 

It is easy to read, ideal for women's studies and women's history students who want to get inside of both the Equal Rights Amendment and the Second Wave crescendo of its deadline. Zoe writes in detail about the politics in Illinois, the nation and the women's movement. 

You will feel her escalating hunger for equality, privacy, warmth and nourishment. Her book discusses the effects of fasting, the importance of pure water and marks with each day, of her 37 day fast, the actual feelings, challenges and elation. Staving off blindness, battling confusion, seeking safety and, finally, facing terrible defeat; this autobiography is intimate and intense.

The 2nd Edition features a new Foreward and Afterward by Zoe Nicholson and an Epilogue by Sonia Johnson

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