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Fine Feathers Loose Leaf Tea Collection

Fine Feathers

by Fine Feathers

  • Loose Leaf Tea
  • 4 oz resealable bag
  • Blended and curated in Long Beach

Jasmine Peony Green Tea - Hand-plucked green tea is carefully blended with intensely fragrant night-blooming jasmine flowers, which are allowed to open and infuse the dry tea with their heady, sweet aroma. 

Yerba Mate - This yerba mate is organically grown in Argentina. Air dried and aged for 6-12 months for a delicious smooth taste.

Rooibos Tisane - Rooibos (or S. African red bush) is very similar to black tea in body and flavor but does not contain any caffeine.

Guayasa - The botanical cousin of Yerba Mate, the leaves of the Guayusa tree contain natural caffeine as well as theobromine (commonly found in chocolate) and L-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea).

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