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Life, Lyrics and Love

Darick J. Simpson

By Darick J. Simpson

"Life, Lyrics and Love is a compilation of poetry and lyrics that reach back to the genesis of my first poems written in 1977." - author
Darick J Simpson is a consummate Renaissance man and author of; Life, Lyrics and Love. This book is a compilation of poetry and lyrics that share this journey called life from the perspective of a young man, father, mentor, lover and caring spirit of hopeful hearts. Life, Lyrics and Love offers poetic expression and profound lyrics written about personal relationships of the author and those of others that he has had the honor to know. Darick was once told that men appreciate his work because it articulates thoughts and feelings that they could not quite put into words. Conversely, women appreciate his work because it expresses the deep thought and emotions that they hope to hear from one that they love and care for. Regardless of your age or place in life this book will have a selection that provokes personal reflection about something important in your own personal journey in life or that of someone you care for.

  • Paperback book measuring 11 x 8
  • 304 pages
  • Written in  Long Beach, CA

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