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Lummox number 6

Lummox Press

Lummox number 6

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FORMAT: 8 x 10 INCH; 216 pgs; PAPERBACK

Published by Lummox Press / R.D. Armstrong 

"I was born almost seven decades ago in the upper mid-west. My parents and I came to Cali soon after. I had a very average life as a kid but I began to sense that something was missing, or at least that I was missing something, but it was years before I figured it out. It wasn’t until my early teens that the ‘missing thing’ began to manifest itself. I always seemed to be out of step with everyone else. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school that I realized that I was an oddball, an outsider always vying to see what was happening behind the glass, always trying to fit in, or find a niche that could fit more than one. Eventually I gave up and settled into my life as a “minus one”."

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