Dust of Midian

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By Jeff Guarino and Dean Westerfield

Dust of Median is Jeff Guarino and Dean Westerfield's first graphic novel. The book, a work of fiction, is a revisioning of some of the better-known stories, characters, and themes that appear throughout classical western religious writings. The narrative revolves around the Biblical Moses--a storyteller, the title character, just a man--living in a nomadic tent city called Midian. The other denizens of Midian are likewise storytellers--like we all are--and the tales they tell help the reader examine weighty and pervasive philosophical issues like war, sex, power, and, of course, religion. In addition, the book attempts to depict the evolution of storytelling itself--from the oral tradition to the written--and tries to demonstrate how the original intentions of authors are naturally corrupted in the retellings that occur as generations try to understand each other and life. 

Black and white