Musings of a Dunderhead: (Shit I’m Just Now Figuring Out That Others Have Known For Millennia)

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By Sander Wolff

Life: Why is it such a challenge for some, while others breeze happily through it without ever pausing to muse over the vagaries of fortune? If you fret, worry, wonder, or otherwise muse about life, you too may be a dunderhead.

This is not a manual, or a self help book. It contains a collection of short prose and poetry inspired by moments that helped the author become the dunderhead he is today.

Wolff is an artist, musician, arts advocate and journalist who has reported on the cultural landscape of Long Beach, CA for more than 25 years. He was the co-founder of, and was the recipient of the Arts Council for Long Beach 2014 James H. Ackerman Arts Philanthropy Award. He's currently working in retail. He's also a well known dunderhead.