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Punk Rock and Paintbrushes - The Insides of Artists Written By Outsiders

Punk Rock and Paintbrushes

by Punk Rock and Paintbrushes

“The Insides of Artists Written By Outsiders” is The STORY of Punk Rock & Paintbrushes which brings you into the lives and the souls of 28 artists.

This 200 page hardcover 12″x12″ coffee table book dives deep into the artists which make up PUNK ROCK & PAINTBRUSHES.Front cover design by RISK and the book is co-created by Emily Nielsen and Warren Fitzgerald.

Each chapter focuses on the life and art of one of the artists including:

  • Tim Armstrong
  • Chali2NA
  • Soma Snakeoil
  • Warren Fitzgerald
  • Jason Cruz
  • Danielle Donahue
  • Natalia Fabia
  • Christian Hosoi
  • Steve Caballero
  • Jennie Cotterill
  • Jason Adams
  • Chris Shary & Lori Herbst
  • Sarah & Eric Melvin
  • Charlie Benante
  • Carla Harvey
  • Matt Hensley
  • Mark deSalvo
  • Dan Smith
  • Brian Bent
  • Tokyo Hiro
  • Shawn Foley
  • Paul Korbiger
  • Mike Gallo
  • MadTwins
  • Brent Broza
  • Jim Lindberg

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