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Hot Sauce by Spicy Kitchen

Spicy Kitchen

  • 5 oz bottle of hot sauce
  • Made in Long Beach

Diabla's Wrath - Extremely HotFiery mix of Carolina Reaper, Trinidad scorpion, ghost pepper & bird's eye chili. This product is extremely spicy. Enjoy and use at your own risk.

Pineapple's Apocalypse - HotSweet and juicy pineapple, mixed with honey, lime juice, a touch of cilantro, balanced with the heat of habanero's, serrano, Carolina reaper and a mix of other chili's for a sweet, tangy sauce with just enough fire to keep you coming back.

Mango's Fury - HotA blend of ripe sweet tropical mango carefully crafted with honey, garlic, habaneros, and a mix of other chilies and spices to give you a sweet heat.

Scorpion Kisses - Very Hot - Crafted with the worlds second hottest chili, the Trinidad Scorpion, backed with Carolina reaper, ghost pepper, habanero, a hint of tomato, garlic, onion, gives you a hot and vinegar kickin' sauce.

Black Label Reserve #5 - This hot sauce is a must try! Fire Roasted Fresno, Habanero, Serrano & Jalapeno Chilis, combined with a huge mix of dried chilies grown in my private garden. This has a very warm, rich & deep flavor with a great heat that has a perfect linger. Limited Bottles available (Once they are gone they are gone!)

Nightshade's Ghost - Mild/Medium Hot - Rich in flavor and color, a complex blend of ghost pepper, Carolina reaper, habanero, serrano and other chili's with savory and sweet tomato, garlic and onions to give a balanced hot sauce. A great everyday hot sauce.

Tickle Me Rhubarb -Tart start leads to a sweetness followed by a nice growing warmth, rhubarb, vinegar, honey, cumin, habanero, ghost pepper, kosher salt, water, strawberry nectar, lime juice, citric acid

Thai Dragon - also known as the Bird's Eye Chili, bird’s eye chili, garlic, ginger, curry, vinegar, jalapeno, habanero, onions

Black Scorpion - This is a huge fan favorite! Black garlic, garlic, peppers, habanero, Trinidad scorpion, vinegar, lime juice, kosher salt, wildflower honey, ghost pepper, jalapeno, water, caramelized garlic

Envy's Scorn Our mildest sauce in heat, but packing in huge flavor! Green hatch, tomatillo, jalapeno, vinegar, kosher salt, onion, serrano

Devil's Tears - ...because "some like it hot", Carolina reaper, peppers, chilis, water, vinegar, kosher salt, Trinidad scorpion, habanero, ghost pepper, jalapeno, serrano, bird’s eye chili, spices

Sun-Kissed Italian - Mild. Water, sun dried tomatoes packed in oil drained, apple cider vinegar, roasted peppers, Burgundy table wine, garlic, lemon juice, kosher salt, organic onion powder, ghost pepper powder, red pepper flakes, tomato paste, raw Trinidad scorpion pepper

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