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The Spicy Kitchen Hot Sauce Gift Set - Medium Heat

Spicy Kitchen

  • 3 5 oz. bottles
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Made in Long Beach

Hot Sauce Gift Set - Medium Heat - What better way to warm up your fall and winter than with a curated selection of small batch, craft hot sauces. Handmade in super small batches in Long Beach, CA using high quality ingredients. Enjoy a selection of 3 hot sauces, packed with varying levels of heat.

Each gift set includes one of the following:


Pineapple's Apocalypse Hot Sauce - HOTSweet and juicy pineapple, mixed with honey, lime juice, a touch of cilantro, balanced with the heat of habanero's, serrano, carolina reaper and a mix of other chili's for a sweet, tangy sauce with just enough fire to keep you coming back.

Black Scorpion - Black Garlic Hot Sauce - HOTThis richly deep flavored sauce, crated with using Organic Black Garlic, Caramelized Pickled Garlic, Red wine vinegar, lime juice, honey, Trinidad Scorpion Chilies and a mix of other fresh and dried chilies!

Mango's Fury Hot Sauce - HOT -A blend of ripe sweet tropical mango carefully crafted with honey, garlic, habaneros, and a mix of other chilies and spices to give you a sweet heat you'll love!


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